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Tefa Global Solutions is an emerging African development consulting company, dedicated to helping organizations achieve their development goals through strategic innovation.


In collaboration with our clients, we identify and pursue new growth opportunities, build innovation capabilities, and create new products, businesses, and services essential for long-term and sustainable growth that serves multiple stakeholders, our clients, their beneficiaries, clients, employees and the society in general.


Our consulting and service approach is developed through extensive research and fieldwork experience across a variety of business types, industries and organizations, talking to over 200,000 stakeholders each year, continuously adding to a collective knowledgebase of over 20 years’ experience.




Our core expertise revolves around the development of private sector. Our knowledge, experience and approach facilitate the development of the  sector at country, region, and continental levels. We are strategically located in West Africa where the use of our expertise is much needed. In all our work in:


  1. Management Solutions

  2. Development Solutions

  3. Energy Solutions, and

  4. Event Solutions


We ensure that all our business efforts contribute significant impact to the business sector.


Adriane Flynn

Founder & CEO

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Sara Fischer

Head of Marketing

under contruction we will be with you soon

Tom Portman

Head of Advertising

under construction, we will be live soon


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Tel: + 220 259 2801

Fax: + 220 305 7620

Coastal Road

Sukuta Salagi

West Coast Region

The Gambia

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