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The Organization

The characters of the leaders of Tefa define our company values and culture. We are a women-led and migrants owned and run small business coming together to alleviate poverty by developing small businesses worldwide.

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Chief Executive Officer

She leads Tefa's global operations, with an emphasis on firmly establishing in the US and long-term global growth and profitability. Sets the direction of the operations and profitability of all the departments and country operations. Directs the company toward its primary goals and objectives. She has over 20 years of international development experience focused on private sector development by establishing, strengthening, and growing small businesses spanning Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. She has 15 years of leading Tefa as a small business and lead the internationalization of Tefa from The Gambia, West Africa, to the USA as an American business with a global reach.

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Corporate Affairs Chief

Lead in coordinating with other departments to manage cross-functional issues and align work. Leadership in financial management, administration, HR, IT architecture requirements, graphic design needs and quality assurance for our company output, social media presence management, and policy making. Develop and implement financial strategies, manage the company's budget, and ensure financial practices align with regulatory requirements. He has over 30 years providing financial and administrative management services to small businesses in the USA and Africa


Global Network Development Chief

Responsible for expanding a Tefa's presence in different countries across the world. Develop and execute strategies to establish the company's brand and services in new markets , finding business partners, and setting business targets for the country. Support the establishment of country office, staffing and integrating to the company's global system of work and profitability.


Small Business for Development Chief

Drive the success of the department and the business as a whole. Responsible for ensuring the department delivers high-quality services, meet its financial targets, and maintains strong client relationships. Manage the department's budget, ensuring that resources are allocated appropriately to meet business needs. In addition, work closely with funding agencies to understand their needs and develop global projects that develops small businesses in different economies and involve Tefa country offices. Ensure that they projects meet expectations and are delivered on time and within budget.


Export for Development  Chief

Drive the success of the company's import and export operations. Ensure that the department meets its financial targets. Responsible for ensuring that the company is well-positioned to sustainably import from different Tefa country offices all over the world and distribute their products effectively within the US market, while also providing valuable export services to small American businesses to Tefa country offices. Develop and implement import and export strategies, including identifying and establishing relationships with suppliers and distributors, negotiating contracts, and managing logistics and transportation. Lead in developing strategies to promote and sell imported products in the US market. Responsible for providing export services to small American businesses, including market research, export planning, and logistics coordination working Tefa country offices.


Investment for Development Chief

Lead the development and implementation of investment promotion strategies to encourage potential investors in the US to invest in economic development projects in Tefa country offices. Responsible for identifying potential investors, understanding their investment needs and interests, and developing customized investment proposals and presentations to promote investment opportunities in Tefa countries. Work closely with Tefa country offices to evaluate and select investment opportunities, and ensure that investment projects are aligned with national development priorities. Responsible for building partnerships and collaborations with relevant stakeholders, including government agencies, international organizations, and local communities, to promote investment opportunities and facilitate the investment process.

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