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Join us at the AIQUACULTURE World Conference 2024, 3-7 June 2024 in Rhode Island, USA for an enriching experience that promises to expand your horizons, connect you with industry leaders, and inspire innovative approaches in the world of aquaculture.

Investment for Development

We develop economic development projects in developing countries with high poverty alleviation impact and offer investment opportunities to low and middle-income groups in developed countries in a way that creates shared prosperity

SmallBusiness for Development

We provide pathways and tools to develop small businesses working in business environments, capacity building the external support system, and strengthening the management ability of their managers.


Tefa is an international development firm with a network of country offices worldwide specializing in small business development work providing capacity development programs, access to export market, and access to investments.

Export for Development

We facilitate small businesses and cooperatives of farmers to reach the export market in a way that gives them higher income

Event for Development

We develop platforms for change-makers and visionaries to come together, share ideas, and catalyze action towards a more sustainable and equitable future. We provide a venue where collaboration, innovation, and inspiration converge to address the most pressing global challenges


201 Washington Street, One Boston Place Suite 2600, Boston, MA 02108

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