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Who we are

We are an international social enterprise involved in international development with a network of country offices worldwide specializing in small business development work, providing capacity development programs, access to export market, and access to investments.


We strive to create a world where every small business has the opportunity to succeed and contribute to a vibrant and dynamic economy


To empower small businesses achieve their full potential and to be recognized as a world leader in driving economic growth and innovation.

The Business Model

Our business model is based on providing capacitybuilding services, technical assistance, and innovative solutions to small businesses to help them grow and succeed. Our model is centered around four main pillars:

Capacity building

We provide training, mentorship, and support services to small businesses to help them improve their operations, increase their efficiency, and enhance their competitiveness. And we work to improve the business environment for small businesses, advocating for policies and regulations that support their growth and development.

Market access

We create new export markets and provide access to existing ones for small businesses, helping them reach new customers and expand their customer base.

Investment promotion

We generate investments in innovative projects that widen the private sector and create new opportunities for growth and development for small businesses.

Global Network

We establish country offices in different parts of the world to enhance our strength in developing new markets for small businesses we serve, manage their supply chain more effectively, and enhance their and our reputation and brand image on a global scale.

The Leadership

Mariama Fatajo established the firm in the Gambia 11 years ago and has been working in international development, specializing in small business development for over 23 years. The internationalization of Tefa in the US followed her migration story and countries she worked in.

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The Overall Industry

We operate in the international trade and development industry, a $19.2 trillion industry that comprises the set of economic activities involved in the exchange of goods and services between countries and the development of economies worldwide. It encompasses a wide range of activities, including exports and imports of goods and services, foreign investment, international financial transactions, and international cooperation and development assistance. Large international development firms dominate the market. However, we position Tefa in this industry as small business development specialists providing capacity building, access to market, access to investments, and access to our global network of offices worldwide.

The Competitors

Major competitors include Chemonics International, DAI, Palladium International, KPMG, McKinsey & Company, and Deloitte's offering a range of services related to development, including consulting, technical assistance, and project management. Tefa differentiates itself by specializing in small business development work, that provides access to export market, generates investment, and leveraging on its global network of country offices.

Future Plans

By 2025, the firm intends to earn an award for supporting small businesses to access export markets. By 2030, it expects to serve clients in all continents of the world.

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