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We provide comprehensive solutions to business challenges.


Our staff are highly competent with years of experience in their field.


We are always available for further expert advice.


We deeply care for the development of Africa and its people.

TEFA: Who We Are

The foundation of Tefa’s professional expertise springs from the talent and experience of its staff.

Tefa’s staff members have extensive experience and expertise in the successful completion of a variety of challenging projects.

Tefa employs a staff of diverse background as economists, sociologists, management specialists, market intelligence specialist, development communication specialist and financial analysts as affiliates. Most of Tefa’s staff have worked on international projects and are multi-lingual.

Tefa Global Services

Tefa is a social enterprise registered in the Gambia providing high quality development services with demonstrated experience in the successful management and implementation of projects in the Gambia.

Since its creation in 2012, Tefa has been striving to bring a unique perspective and understanding to the issues faced by development in Africa. The firm is committed to the development of solutions integrating technologies and practices sensitive to the cultural, economic, political and geographical realities of each country and region in Africa.

Social Research

Social Research

We will help you better understand your target people and societies so that you can design projects and services that specifically cater to their needs.
Market Development

Market Development

Stay on top of the competition! We will help you systematically gather and interpret information of your target market to assist you in making important business decisions.
Livelihood Development

Livelihood Development

Let us help you formulate that very crucial project that would uplift the means of securing the basic necessities of your target communities, encompassing everyone especially those that are underprivileged and under-represented.
Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Knowledge is power. We will help you in developing and implementing a strategy to create, share and use the information of your organization, including a communication strategy to maximize and facilitate information flow.

Aside from Independent Verification, Events Solutions and beyond traditional project services such as feasibility studies, baseline studies, midterm and final evaluations, Tefa provides technical assistance to governments, their agencies, and private sector entities to strengthen institutional capabilities through organizational development, technology and knowledge transfer, and training.

We Want To Hear From You

Your insigths are important to us. We would listen and together we would build a partnership built on trust long-lasting achievements.

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Highly Qualified Team

Lamin Fatajo

Lamin JS Fatajo

Chief Executive Officer

Lamin has extensive years of experience working with government and non-government development institutions in The Gambia, most notably under the Ministry of Agriculture. He took up graduate studies in University of the Philippines and hopes to bring technologies from different countries to benefit Africa, especially The Gambia.

Mariama T. Fatajo

Chief Business Development Officer

Mariama worked with a number of institutions doing management and research projects in the Philippines before coming to The Gambia where she worked with Gambia Investment and Export Promotion Agency (GIEPA) for a number of years and where she co-founded Tefa with her husband, Lamin.
Alpha Sey

Alpha Sey

Project Manager

Sulayman Manneh

Sulayman Manneh

Business Finance Officer

Sulayman finished his accountancy training at Lambeth College Brixton Centre in London- United Kingdom and worked for World Bank funded project under the ministry of Agriculture in The Gambia as an accountant for eight years. He worked for various IFAD funded projects namely Rural Finance and Community Initiatives Project (RFCIP) and Rural Finance Project (RFP) respectively as an Accountant for eleven years.

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