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The new frontier in sustainable fishing

Join us at the AIQUACULTURE World Conference 2024, 3-7 June 2024 in Rhode Island, USA for an enriching experience that promises to expand your horizons, connect you with industry leaders, and inspire innovative approaches in the world of aquaculture.

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Who Should Attend

If you’re at the forefront of aquaculture and looking to integrate AI into your business, this conference is an invaluable opportunity to learn, grow, and network.

Aquaculture Entrepreneurs

Aquaculture Industry Suppliers

Get connected to fish farms around the world. Ensure your products and services align with cutting-edge practices and market demands

Development Investors

Investors looking for promising opportunities in sustainable aquaculture and AI technologies will find a wealth of ideas and projects ripe for investment and development.

Technology Innovators & AI Specialists

Pioneers in AI and technological solutions applicable to aquaculture will find a collaborative space to showcase their innovations and explore new applications.

Industry Experts

Renowned professionals in the fields of marine science, aquaculture technology, and sustainability will find a platform to share their insights, research findings, and visionary ideas.

Policy Makers & Development Organizations

Decision-makers in government sectors can gain insights into the evolving landscape of aquaculture and AI, informing policy and regulation. Gather invaluable opportunities to forge partnerships and collaborations to amplify your impact in promoting sustainable, technology-enhanced aquaculture practices globally.

Event Activities


Renowned experts in AI and aquaculture to discuss cutting-edge technologies, case studies, and the future of sustainable fishing.

Workshops & Demos

Hands-on sessions where participants learn about and interact with the latest AI tools and systems relevant to aquaculture.

Innovation Showcase

A space for startups and tech companies to display their contributions to AI in fisheries and for investors to scout new opportunities.

Policy Roundtables

Discussions with policymakers to understand regulatory landscapes and advocate for supportive policies in AI implementation in aquaculture.

Investor Pitches

A platform for entrepreneurs to present their innovative solutions to potential investors to secure funding.

Technical & Cultural Tours

Visits to local aquaculture facilities or research centers and Activities that highlight local culture and cuisine, fostering an inclusive and enjoyable atmosphere for international delegates.

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The Global Aquaculture  




Vision for AI in Modern Aquaculture


 Global Aquaculture Trends and the AI Revolution



Panel Discussion

Deep Dive into Aquaculture Business – Challenges and Opportunities


Networking Lunch

Breakout Sessions

 AI in Aquaculture 101 



Cocktail and Networking

Technologies & Innovations  




The Future of AI in Seafood Farming


Panel Discussion

 Transforming Aquaculture with AI





Practical AI Applications in Aquaculture


Networking and Exhibition Visits


Sustainability & Investment  




Sustainable Practices in AI-Enhanced Aquaculture


Panel Discussion

Green Technologies in Aquaculture



Panel Discussion

Investor Pitch



Investing in Sustainable AI-enhanced Aquaculture



Technical and Cultural Tours Around Rhode Island  


All Day

Guided Technical Tours

Visits to Advanced Aquaculture Facilities and Research Institutes


Cultural Tours 

Exploring Rhode Island’s Heritage Sites and Local Attractions

Collaboration & Future Pathways  



Panel Discussion

Building Global Partnerships in Aquaculture


Collaborative Workshop

AI and Aquaculture – Next Steps



Final Networking Lunch

Closing Ceremony

Ongoing Throughout the Conference

Exhibition Booths   |    Tech Demonstrations     |     One-on-One Networking Opportunities

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